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The Brazilian pygmy gecko (Coleodactylus amazonicus) is so small that raindrops pose a serious threat. Luckily, its body is so light and its skin so hydrophobic that it can shake off any drops that might land on it. It can even walk on water. 

Life (2009)

they go BOING on the leaves and then they go walk on water and stuff

Remind me to try this with some Lygodactylus…

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Soviet Minister Molotov stated that the cluster bombs being dropped on Finland were actually food, during the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939. The Finns began sarcastically calling the bombs “Molotov bread baskets,” which they responded to with their own “Molotov cocktails,” as “a drink to go with the food.”

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this will never not make me laugh

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How I Make Soap - Part 7 of Many - Curing and Drying Handmade Soap

So I unmolded the my cold process and my hot process soaps.

You can see immediately, cold process produces smooth and perfectly molded soap and hot process produces a crackled “rustic” soap quality.

With hot process, all you need to do is let the soap dry out and become hard. Once it’s hard enough, maybe like a week, you can immediately use the soap. However, cold process the soap must be CURE at least 4 to 6 weeks before it can be used. This period of curing allows the remaining lye and fats become properly saponified.

I like to use a rack that optimizes air flow around the soap for the drying process. Leave the soap in a cool dry place and keep the soap out of direct sunlight, which may oxide ingredients in the soap. NOTE: I can’t remember the percentage, but obviously as the soap loses moisture the size will shrink. In most cases, you shouldn’t care, BUT if you are making soap to sell, you want to put a wrapper around the soap after the shrinkage occurs.

Well…that’s about it! I’ll make some more posts about other techniques in the future, but hope this brief tutorial on my soap making process will be helpful to some :-)


Part 1 - What is Soap

Part 2 - Working with Lye

Part 3 - Working with Oils and Additives

Part 4 - The Hardware

Part 5 - Cold Process Soap

Part 6 - Hot Process Soap

Part 6.5 - Handmolded Soap

Part 7 - Curing the Soap


Disclaimer: I am not a professional soapmaker. In fact, I am a sloppy and somewhat lazy soapmaker. I do what is most economical for my personal use and have no intention of selling at this time. I wanted to learn soapmaking as a way to reduce my carbon footprint, treat my body to a better product (not necessarily a cheaper product), and stick it to The Corporate Assholes…is what I wish I could say. But really, I’ve always wanted to make soap because Fight Club made it look so badass.

P.S. No…I have not experimented with human fat.

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Not all girls are like you

Aye, Ygritte, kissed by fire.

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witchy little pumpkin soup

October vibes

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I will never stop loving this


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Prince of Crimson Yoshitaka Amano (Japanese, b.1952) 1996 Lithography.


Prince of Crimson
Yoshitaka Amano (Japanese, b.1952)
1996 Lithography.

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This comic was an frikking epic to put together. Like my FB page for more! And share it to your FB buddies!


This comic was an frikking epic to put together. Like my FB page for more! And share it to your FB buddies!

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